Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hikes in Harriman State Park, NY

Hikes in Harriman TPark

NYNJTC Harriman Maps

Appalachian Trail/Long Path from Silvermine Picnic Area TODO 7.6 miles
Bald Mountain/Doodletown Loop from 9W 11/23/2013
Bear Mountain Loop via Major Welch Trail and Appalachian Trail 11/22/2012
Bear Mountain and Hessian Lake 3/7/2015
Black Rock Loop 8/26/2012
Circular Hike Around Bear Mountain TODO 10 miles
Claudius Smith Den/Parker Cabin Loop TODO 8.5 miles
Dater Mountain Nature Park, Harriman 10/6/2013 
Diamond Mountain/Stony Brook Loop 3/8/2015
Goshen and Stevens Mountains attempt, Harriman 10/27/2012
Green Pond / Boston Mine Longer Loop from Elk Pen 8/31/2013
Green Pond/Boston Mine Shorter Loop from Route 106 12/8/2012
Irish Mountain and Pound Swamp Mountain 11/30/2013
Iron Mines Loop #1 (East)  1/25/2015
Iron Mines Loop #2 (Southwest) 11/7/2015
Iron Mines Loop #3 12/19/2015
Iron Mines Short Loop 8/25/2012
Long Path to Long Mountain Summit, Harriman State Park 3/29/2013
ORAK Ruins, Jackie Jones Fire Tower and Big Hill Shelter 1/28/2012
Orange, Kakiat, Ramapo Dunderberg, Tuxedo Mt Ivy, Blue Disc Loop 5/10/2015
Panther Mountain/Lake Wanoksink/Pine Meadow Lake Loop 11/21/2015
Parker Cabin/Black Rock Mountain Loop from Route 106 10/25/2015
Popolopen Gorge/Popolopen Torne Loop 11/27/2015
Racoon Brook Hills/Pine Meadow Lake/Diamond Mountain Loop TODO 7.2 miles
Raccoon Brook Hills Trail/Cascade of Slid Loop 12/1/2012
Ramapo Escarpment and Pine Meadow Lake 3/29/2015
Ramapo Torne/Raccoon Brook Hills Trail Loop from Reeves Meadow 6/27/2015
Red Cross, Beech Trail and Long Path Loop from Lake Skannatati 11/4/2012
Seven Hills/HTS/Reeves Brook Trail Loop to Ramapo Torne and Torne View 4/8/2012
Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail/Pyngyp TODO 7.5 miles
Timp-Torne/Dunderberg Spiral Railway/R-D Trail Short Loop from Route 9W 9/15/2012
West Mountain Loop from Anthony Wayne Recreation Area 1/20/2018
West Mountain Loop from Seven Lakes Drive 11/11/2012

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