Sunday, January 25, 2015

Iron Mines Loop #1 (East) in Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks

January 25, 2015

Distance: 5.6 miles
Time: 3.5 hours 
Map: Harriman - Bear Mountain Trails (north map)
Parking: Seven Lakes Drive, Lake Skannatati parking lot
Restrooms: none
Directions: Iron Mines Loop #1

Beautiful day for a hike - blue skies and 36 degrees.This is a loop hike with no road crossings. This was the day after a moderate snow. The parking area was packed (many cars couldn't get a spot). There were many people ice fishing on the lake - it seems to be very popular around here. There were also a lot of hikers on the Long Path and Dunning Trail. The second half of the hike was much quieter. Most of the hikers we saw were wearing microspikes, only a few people snowshoeing. We used snowshoes for the entire hike. The snow was well packed down on all of the trails except the Ramapo Dunderberg, where we had to break trail a little more. We were glad that someone had been on the Ramapo Dunderberg before us, because it is harder to find the blazes on that trail (a number of them are on rocks underneath the snow). This hike was good option for snowshoeing - we only had a couple of tricky spots where there were ice covered rocks under the snow.  I just chose to slide down them on my bum. We left Moxie home today, because she's been limping pretty badly this week.

Year to date miles: 12.1

Lake next to the parking area. The trails near this parking area have a lot of trash & broken glass in the summer.

On the Long Path

Times Square intersection. Looks like I got water on my lens :(

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