Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ramapo Torne, Harriman Park

April 8, 2012
Distance: 4.5 miles (didn't complete hike as planned)
Time: 2 hours 37 minutes
Map: Harriman Bear Mountain Trails
Parking: Parking lot at visitor center, plus on street parking
Restrooms: At visitor center, seasonal
Post hike dinner: n/a
Directions: Seven Hills/HTS/Reeves Brook Trail Loop to Ramapo Torne and Torne View

This is a popular place to start a hike. The parking area/street was packed with cars, and we saw many groups returning from their hikes. If you want solitude, this might not be a good hike to try on a weekend. Strangely enough, we only saw 2 other people on our hike, even though there were around 60 cars parked.

We didn't complete this hike.
When we got close to the summit of Ramapo Torne, there was a forest fire, so we had to turn around.
We turned back, and by that time, someone had put up caution tape across the trail we were on.
Then we saw helicopters arriving - they circled the summit for a while.

Here is a link to the news story:
Torne Mountain Brush Fire
Visitor center parking lot. There are also many cars parked on the street.

I see water!

Trail up to Ramapo Torne. This trail was later closed off.

It was above this point that we saw the edge of a forest fire.

Above those rocks we came to an area of smoldering ground. Smoke was coming up from the ashes.
Occasional patches of flames came up as well.
The area looked small, but if you continued, there was more smoke/fire.

Glen on right, checking out a tree on fire.
You can sort of see smoke in the background.
When the wind picked up, you could see the smoke blow.
 He was thinking about trying to put out the fire with his water, until he saw how many trees were on fire.

Year to date miles: 116.4

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