Friday, November 27, 2015

Popolopen Gorge/Popolopen Torne Loop

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
11/27/2015 6.3 miles 3 hours 48 minutes 1,451' 1.66 mph 726.8

Trail Map
Parking: See directions. We couldn't park at the main Fort Montgomery lot, because it looks like the parking lot is closed for the winter. We were able to park just down the road from the main parking area. It did mean we had to walk on the sidewalk of a very busy road.

Hike directions:  Popolopen Gorge/Popolopen Torne Loop

Thanksgiving day hike in Harriman. We started out by walking around the Fort Montgomery site, which we had never visited. I liked the cannons. The rest of the hike up to the turnoff for the Popolopen Torne route, I didn't find enjoyable. It felt too urban for me. We were hiking behind people's houses, crossing roads, and hearing traffic. Once we hit the steep trail to the Torne, the hike was very enjoyable. The views on the trail are very nice, with 360 degree views on the summit. There is also some fun rock scrambling on the loop. After the Torne Loop, the trail follows a gorge which wipes out any sound of car noises.

Checking out the cannons at Fort Montgomery

Bear Mountain Bridge view from Fort Montgomery

Start of the hike from the Fort Montgomery parking lot

Hiking under the bridge

In the foreground - the bridge we hiked under, in the background, Bear Mountain Bridge and Anthony's Nose

Ascending the Torne - the ropes were not needed at all.

The Torne

View from the Torne

The hike down had a lot of rock scrambling

Crossing on a pedestrian bridge. Trek pretty much hates bridges - even this very sturdy one.

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