Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bear Mountain and Hessian Lake Loop

March 7, 2015

Distance: 5.8 miles
Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Year to date miles: 32

Map: Harriman - Bear Mountain Trails (north map)
Parking: Next to Bear Mountain Inn, enormous lot
Restrooms: across from Merry-go-round before hike

Walk behind ice skating rink, and then head up to the left.
We saw blazes for a blue blazed trail.
Soon after we got on the trail, we turned left onto the AT.
We followed the AT almost to the summit.
Near the summit, the AT was unbroken trail, so we took the road up the remaining distance.
Hike to the tower.
Retrace steps.
Turn left when you hit Hessian Lake.
Walk clockwise around Hessian Lake.
Return to parking area after completing the loop.

We carried snowshoes for this hike, but didn't need them because the trail was packed. However, whenever I went off the trail to let someone pass, I would sink down almost to my knees. We did wear microspikes, because some parts of the trail are somewhat steep. The AT route up is much easier than the Major Welch Trail up. We did see a fair number of hikers, but much fewer than you would see in the summer. The summit road was also unplowed, except near the very top where it was clear (I guess the summit road is one way, and one way was paved). The combination of fewer people & no road traffic meant that Trek could be off leash for most of the hike (which I wouldn't do there in the summer). We left Moxie at home, since we didn't know the trail conditions, and she is getting too old for breaking trail.

Bear Mountain Inn

Hudson River

The AT joins the summit road

Perkins Tower

Trek in front of mountain view

Happy dog

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