Sunday, October 25, 2015

Parker Cabin/Black Rock Mountain Loop from Route 106, Harriman

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
10/25/2015 5 miles 2 hours 50 minutes 1,419' 653.4

Parking: Route 106, see directions.

Hike directions: Parker Cabin/Black Rock Mountain Loop

I left Glen at home to recover from his injury and dogsit Moxie. Trek and I went off to Harriman where the foliage is at its peak (much better than the Catskills at this point). 

There were tons of leaf peepers out on Seven Lakes Drive. People pulled over on the side of the road wherever they decided the view was nice. People in the middle of the road taking photos. Luckily the trails were not as busy as the street. I knew there would be a lot of people out today, so I chose a hike that didn't start at one of the visitor centers or lakes, knowing that those areas would be super crowded.

This hike had nice foliage views and a few people, but not too bad. The foliage WAS nice! There are a few nice places with broad views that are good for stopping and taking a break to enjoy.

Stopping for a snack

Ramapo Dunderberg Trail view

Victory Trail

Ramapo/Nurian trail intersection view



  1. Harriman was particularly gorgeous last weekend. We almost could have run into one another!


  2. Harriman is very local for me. I thought of iniviting you to join us hiking sometime, but I think you get started much earlier than us. Glen is NOT an early I figure someday I will see you on the trail and recognize you due to Shawnee :)