Sunday, October 25, 2015

Burnt Knob attempt

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
10/24/2015 3 miles 2 hours 13 minutes 869' 646.6

Trail Map
Parking: Big Hollow Road, see directions.

Hike directions: Burnt Knob

Our intent today was to do a loop of Burnt Knob, Acra Point, and Blackhead. The foliage in the Catskills is past its peak, but we wanted to see the last of it. The tops of the mountains were brown, with fall color at their bases.

The parking area was crowded. A lot of people must be out leaf peeping - going to Acra Point. We decided to head off to Burnt Knob first, which is mostly a trail hike, with a tiny bushwhack at the end. Not even a need for a compass for the bushwhack part.

We didn't finish the hike. The climb up to Burnt Knob has a steep spot with a minor rock scramble. The scramble area was covered in leaves and Glen mis-stepped, thinking he was stepping down onto solid ground. He banged up & twisted his knee pretty badly. We continued on slowly for a while up to the viewpoint shortly before the summit. At that point we decided to turn around because he was having sharp pains in his knee. So, we'll have to try this again sometime.

The mileage to Burnt Knob is overstated here.

View close to Burnt Knob summit


  1. Oh what a shame! Hope Glen's knee is OK. I wiped out on that hike, too, a few years ago. It was only 1/2 a mile from where I parked when a branch got stuck between my ankles and sent me flying on sharp rocks. Ouch.


  2. He seems to be doing better, and has promised he will be all healed by the weekend :)