Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bear Mountain Short Loop

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles


I'm trying to start to hike more regularly, even if just for short distances. Glen looked for a short hike which was relatively flat but had good views. I don't want to miss out on leaf peeping just because I can't hike up mountains. He chose Bear Mountain. The drive there was painful. The traffic and parking were crazy. Everyone wants to go to Bear Mountain due to the easy accessibility (views with no hiking required). We were worried we wouldn't be able to find parking, but we were in luck and found a spot on the way down. We stopped by the main viewpoint at the summit. It was hard to enjoy due to the crowds.

We quickly escaped and started down a trail. I swear we could see around 100 people in front of us heading down the same trail! And we went the wrong way on the trail. Ugh. After walking for a while, we turned back and fixed our mistake. We then started on our loop. The loop also has nice views. And bonus! We had some of the views completely to ourselves! Away from the hordes of people. We sat down and enjoyed the peacefulness.

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