Saturday, October 1, 2016

Short and Scenic Loop Hike on Bullwheel, High Peters Kill and Red Trails, Shawagunks

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
10/1/2016 2.2 miles 1 hour 33 minutes 639'


On Thursday I had my third MRI. They injected dye into my hip socket in order to make it easier to see if I have a labral tear/FAI. I asked the doctors multiple times about whether my injection would include cortisone, and they said it would. The injection was more involved than the one they gave me in my bursa. They put me on what looked like an operating room table, and used an x-ray machine in order to help guide the injection. They tied my feet down to the table! That had me worried. Why did I need to be restrained? But, it actually did not hurt at all. I was so surprised. My bursa injection hurt, but this one was easy. My leg felt a little unstable after the injection, but maybe due to the numbing agents they inject. The day after the injection my normal pain returned. When I first started having hip pain, I wasn't in pain all of the time. At this point my pain is chronic. It's just a question of how bad it is each day. They told me to take it easy on the day of my injection, which I did. They also said it would take a few days for the cortisone to work - maybe Wednesday I'll get some pain relief. I am really, really hoping that I don't have FAI. I want a diagnosis with some hope of recovery.

On Saturday I decided to try a short 2 mile hike. I've done 1.5 - 2.5 mile hikes before with minimal aggravation of my hip. One of my doctors suggested taking an anti-inflammatory 4 hours before hiking, then in the evening, and then the following day. I did not take an anti-inflammatory before hiking. I mean, it was only a 2 mile hike, right? I did get sudden lower back pain before we even started. I find that my hip pain sometimes causes lower back pain. We hiked slowly. It was a damp & drizzly day (I didn't care, just happy to be outside). I walked carefully. Trying not to trip as I often do. We brought both dogs & had them on leash, making tripping more likely. I worked on not taking tall steps up with my right leg (something that aggravates my hip). Slow & careful. And then I wanted to walk off the trail to see a waterfall. Boom. Wet mossy rocks. Landed on the ground, but managed to maintain excellent hip position!!!!! I landed kind of in a plank. Nice. But, I did increasingly feel hip pain as I hiked. Sort of like tendons rubbing in an uncomfortable way. Not related to falling, just from walking.

The leaves are turning and it starting to be fall foliage season. Normally this brings crowds of people to the gunks. It's my favorite place for leaf peeping, and the favorite place of many people. But with the late start time of 4pm and dreary weather, we saw very few hikers. The trail has one main viewpoint, but we couldn't see much due to the fog and drizzle. Its still a very nice place to hike, with beautiful rocks & pines & Peters Kill.

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