Saturday, December 12, 2015

Terrace Mountain, Catskills

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
12/12/2015 7 miles 4 hours 2 minutes 1,618' 1.87 mph 762.6

Trail Map
Parking: Woodland Valley Road
Catskills All Trails Challenge: Map #143

Directions: Cross street from parking area.
Follow red blazed Wittenberg Cornell Slide Trail.
Turn left on yellow blazed Terrace Trail.
Walk to end of trail at the shelter.
Retrace steps.

This is our first year that we've tried hiking in the Catskills during deer hunting rifle season. We got lucky on our first two hikes - no signs of hunting. Today we saw 2 trucks in the parking lot, and several cars. Very soon after starting we passed by a hunter. He warned us that there were many hunters in the woods today. Trek and I noticed deer fur and bloody rocks for the first .9 miles uphill. Glen somehow was oblivious to this. I have heard you should hike on steep trails during hunting season, because hunters don't like carrying deer on steep trails. Well, I would have thought this trail was steep enough to discourage hunters, but it obviously wasn't. We actually never saw any other hunters or heard any shotguns for the whole hike. To be safe, I did keep Trek on leash until we got to the Terrace Mountain Trail. I really liked the Terrace Mountain Trail - parts of it reminded me of Maine or the Gunks.

Turn on the Terrace Mountain Trail
Terrace Mountain Shelter
Post hike swim in mid-December!

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