Sunday, December 13, 2015

PA Appalachian Trail - Section 1 - Mount Minsi to Route 191

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
12/13/2015 8.9 miles 3 hours 34 minute 1,291' 2.7 mph 771.5

Trail Map
Parking: Route 191

Cross street from parking area - carefully!
Pass Nelson Vista
Pass Lunch Rocks
Pass Totts Gap (gravel road, where we did see one car parked)
Pass pipeline
Follow a wide woods road.
Arrive at Mt Minsi summit.
Retrace steps (or see alternate route back) 

No hunting Sunday hike. We have been working on the Massachusetts AT, but decided to head south today to enjoy the balmy temperatures. Uppers 60's in PA! I also wanted an easier hike, because my legs are pretty sore still from a workout on Friday. Today's hike was mostly level so it fit the bill. This hike was partly rocky terrain, partly easy terrain. Even the rocky terrain wasn't too bad - at least the leaves were well packed down so it was easy to see the rocks. This hike has a number of views. We hit a cloudy, hazy day but we still appreciated them. There are also good views of the Delaware River if you hike past the Mount Minsi summit. On the way back, we decided to try a .5 mile alternate route. Where the AT leaves the woods road & heads into the woods - we stayed straight on the woods road instead. We had heard that the AT used to go this way. We couldn't really see the route on our map, but were able to see it on Guthook's app. The woods road turned into a gravel road, with various utility company buildings on the left. Not scenic, but easy walking. When the road ended at a "T", we turned left & then immediately right onto the AT. We ended up finishing 1.5 hours before sunset. I wish we had hiked more (despite my tired legs), but it was a good place to stop before our next PA segment.

Location of gravel road - we did see a jeep driving on it on our way back

Easy terrain on the woods road.

Looking out at the Delaware River

No ponds on today's hike.
Trek had to settle for a mud puddle

View on the return trip. Here the AT leaves the woods road and heads left.
We took the alternate route and stayed straight on the woods road.

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