Sunday, December 6, 2015

Plateau attempt, Catskills

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
12/5/2015 4.1 miles (of planned 6.8) 3 hours 2 minutes 1,824' 1.34 mph 748

Trail Map
Parking: Route 214

Cross street from parking area.
Follow red blazed Devil's Path very steeply uphill.
View at Orchard Point
View at Danny's Lookout
Third view
Continue across level plateau...
Retrace steps

I loved this hike - even though we didn't complete it. It was challenging & had a great view. Our plan was to do Plateau via the Devil's Path. The trail climbs very steeply in the beginning - 1,800' elevation gain in around 1.2 miles. Right before the first view, there is a rock scramble which is a bit challenging. We had to help Trek up as well as down. I found it a bit hard too, because I couldn't get enough of a foothold and handhold to pull myself up. I figured out that I could go up facing away from the scramble, and used my arms to push myself up. Good thing that I have been working on my push ups! Once you get to the first view, the hike is easy all of the way to Plateau. Unfortunately, we had to turn around before we got all of the way. We started very late in the day for winter, and knew that if we went to the summit, we might have to descend the very steep section in the dark, which just didn't seem like fun.

View looking back on the way up

The trail up looked like this - a steep rocky ascent all the way to the look out.

Oops. Stuck. We needed one person at the top, and one at the bottom in order to get him all the way up.

Hard to get a good photo because we were facing the sun, but phenomenal view with different layers of mountains

Second of the views


  1. You were smart to turn around when you did. Still, the views you did capture and the scent of balsam in the winter air must have made for a successful outing.

  2. Yeah, the footing is tricky with all of the leaves especially, so hiking down that just seemed like a bad idea in the dark. I did love the view though! The smell of balsam used to remind me of when I smell it, it makes me think - I must be approaching a summit!