Sunday, November 29, 2015

NJ Appalachian Trail - Section 6 - Douglas Trail (NJ) to Mountain Road (PA)

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
11/29/2015 10 miles 3 hours 30 minute 1,377' 2.9 mph 743.9

Trail Map
Parking: Parking: AT intersection with route 80 (second parking area)

Hike directions: 
From parking area follow the AT into the woods (away from the road).
Pass Dunnfield Trail on the right.
Pass Holly Sprints Trail.
Arrive at intersection with Douglas Trail (at kiosk).
Retrace steps to the parking area.
Head towards Route 80.
Walk underneath Route 80 and turn right, following side road next to visitor center.
Cross side road and walk along pedestrian walkway of Delaware Water Gap Bridge
NJ/PA border sign on bridge.
Turn left before tollbooth.
Turn left and cross route 611.
Follow blazes to AT parking area in PA.
Retrace steps back to parking area on route 80

This hike finishes our NJ section of the Appalachian Trail. State #3!  We arrived late due to the crazy Thanksgiving traffic. We ended up having 1 hour less of sunlight than we were hoping for. That was motivation for hiking fast. The parking area was full, but we were able to wait for someone to leave.

This hike was un-remarkable. No views, and lots of people. From what I could see, the Dunnfield Trail looked like it would be much more scenic, as it travels next to a river. Part of the hike had easier terrain, part was very rocky, and part was on pavement.

Trek found the crossing of the Delaware Water Gap Bridge pretty traumatizing. There is a nice pedestrian walkway where we were separated from the cars by a nice concrete barrier. But there were a lot of cars & trucks flying by, and the drop off on the other side (but again even higher barrier but see through barrier). He just doesn't like bridges at all.  And it is a long bridge. He hugged the concrete barrier all the way across. He ended up wearing a hole through his pack, from scraping it against the barrier so much :(

We had hiked Mount Minsi on the AT a few years ago, and were able to hike all the way up to the parking lot we started that hike at.

Intersection of the AT (left) and Dunnfield Trail (right)

I noticed a cairn city to the side of the AT

Arriving at the intersection of the Douglas Trail

The trail going underneath Route 80

Pedestrian walkway to Delaware Water Gap Bridge crossing behind Trek

Finished NJ! Trek hugging the wall. 

Crossing Route 611 in Delaware Water Gap, PA

Poor Trek - we had to cross the bridge a second time. 

Starting parking area

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