Sunday, November 22, 2015

NJ Appalachian Trail - Section 6 - Kaiser Road Trail to Douglas Trail

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
11/22/2015 9.1 miles 4 hours 24 minutes 1,763' 1.86 mph 720.5

Trail Map
Parking: Old Mine Road at Douglas parking area

Hike directions: 
From parking area, cross street and look for orange trail a few feet down the road on the left.
Hike steeply uphill on the orange blazed Garvey Springs Trail.
Pass Rock Cores Trail.
At the end of the Garvey Springs Trail, turn left onto the AT.
Pass power lines.
Pass views at Raccoon Ridge.
Pass intersection (easy to miss) of Kaiser Road Trail on right.
Reach intersection of Kaiser Road Trail on left (view of 4 rectangular ponds on right).
Turn around.
Continue on the AT, passing the Garvey Springs Trail.
Hike along Sunfish Pond on your left (very rocky trail).
Stay straight (where AT goes left) on blue on white blazed Douglas Trail (at kiosk)
Follow the Douglas Trail steeply downhill to parking area.

This is our no-hunting in NJ on Sundays trip. We still heard gun pops. Ugh. Glen and I have new bright orange beanies. They are awesome. I've seen them on other people, and just like the 360 degree orange they provide. We didn't bother with wearing our vests today. I just couldn't imagine any hunters wanting to climb up the Garvey Springs Trail. We did see a bunch of men in cammo on Raccoon Ridge. They all had binoculars though. Could they have been birders? 

This was a nice hike - a steep climb to get the heart rate up. There are lots of ferns on the way up - all a mustard brown now. The AT continued along a ridge. Trek liked Sunfish Pond and was in and out of the water. The trail was incredibly rocky by the pond. I'm wondering if this is what Pennsylvania will be like. We had to walk very slowly. This hike would be worth re-doing in warmer weather when the ferns are green and the pond warmer.

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