Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gem Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

September 3, 2015

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 4 hours 15 minutes
Elevation gain: 1,655'
Altitude: 7,981' - 8,887'

Year to date miles: 555.3

Map: National Geographic Rocky Mountain National Park (200)

Parking: Lumpy Ridge trailhead

Rocky Mountain National Park Dayhiker's Guide by Jerome Malitz
We extended the hike by continuing beyond Gem Lake to its intersection with the Balanced Rock trail

We decided to do an easier shorter hike today due to the forecast of an afternoon thunderstorm. This hike goes to a small lake. We actually found the rocks on the trail more interesting than the lake. The scenery completely changed beyond the lake - we saw some aspens starting to turn yellow.

We had wanted to take the Balanced Rock trail, but decided we wouldn't have time. We did end up hiking for .5 miles with thunder. We still saw people heading out when it was thundering. One woman even asked us if she should turn around. Ugh. I'm thunder phobic.

I only had a headache for around 10 minutes today, so I figure I'm doing pretty good. Glen felt a little lightheaded, but otherwise good.

Gem Lake

Our turnaround point

Aspens between Gem Lake and the Balanced Rock trail

Gem Lake

Watching the storm

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