Monday, August 31, 2015

Nebraska State High Point

August 30, 2015
Distance: 0 miles
Parking: N41 degrees 00.461 minutes, W104 degrees 01.883 minutes

Elevation: 5,424'

Map: None needed.
Directions: None needed.

Year to date miles: 520.3

We plugged in our GPS coordinates and drove north through Colorado into Wyoming. From there we headed east to Nebraska. Eventually we turned onto a dirt road and our GPS said 20 minutes to go. It is pretty flat out there! 

Minor rises, then passed a farm with a private property sign. It seemed like we were descending. But eventually we saw a sign on the dirt road for a turn off to the State high point. A $3 fee is charged. The sign says you cannot hike down the side road to the actual high point due to bison. You cross over a cattle grid and drive down the dirt road (road not on the GPS - it just goes to the high point) to the high point. You can barely tell it's a high point :) 

We persuaded our friend Gail to tag along with us. This is actually her 2nd state high point :)

It was fun to read the register with comments about the challenge of this high point from people all over the country. This is our 5th state high point. We've never been to Wyoming or Nebraska so it was a good excuse to go.

I had a headache for most of the day. Ugh. We haven't been very high - only up to a little more than 5,000 feet. I've been this high several times and have never had a problem. I've been hydrating and finally gave in and took an aspirin. We still have a lot higher to go in the next few days - so hopefully that goes okay.

Sign for the turn off road to the high point

Cattle or bison grid at the beginning of the side road

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