Sunday, August 23, 2015

NJ Appalachian Trail - Section 5 - US206 (parking) to Blue Mountain

August 23, 2015

Miles: 9.6
Time: 4 hours 53 minutes
Elevation gain: 1,675 feet

Year to date miles: 520.3

Parking: Sunrise Mountain Road (on the left side of the very beginning of this road). This parking area is also used by snowmobilers who snowmobile on Sunrise Mountain Road. Note that all but the very beginning of this road is closed in the winter, so the parking lot near the summit of Sunrise Mountain is inaccessible. 

Rest rooms: Portapotty in parking lot, privy at shelter

Hike directions:
Start on the trail next to the kiosk.
Turn left (southbound).
Cross Route 206 - a very busy road with fast moving cars.
Pass side trail on right to the Acropolis.
Pass woods road which leads to Brinks shelter.
Continue to Blue Mountain.
Turn around.
Turn left on woods road which leads to Brink shelter (where water is available).
Retrace steps back to AT.
Turn left on AT.
Retrace steps back to parking lot.

Map: Appalachian Trail Conservancy New York / New Jersey Appalachian Trail Guide and Maps

Hike description:

A warm, humid day but so happy to be out hiking. After you get past route 206 (which you have to be patient to cross), there are no other road crossings - so a great off leash hike. This hike had absolutely no stream crossings - the only place with water was at the Brink Shelter. We had to stop by the shelter (.2 miles from the trail) to get more water for Trek. It is a fancy shelter with a covered porch. Very pretty!

After the first climb in the beginning, this was mostly a ridgeline hike, with some nice wide views. This hike has rocky terrain. 

We saw a few thru hikers heading southbound today. Trek, who hikes ahead of us, always runs to me when people or other dogs approach - so that I can put him on leash. I can always tell by his face that he's seen someone ahead. Sometimes, I just tell him he can continue, and he will run by the person, only approaching them if they call out to him, or we stop to talk to them. This is a good behavior, because it helps us to deal with other dogs approaching us. Today, he came running towards us, so I checked for people up ahead of us. No people - but there was something moving. It was a flock of turkeys running across the trail. OMG. What a funny dog.

Lots of rocks today

On the ridge

Brink Road

Blue Mountain summit

A small but flowing stream down a hill from the shelter

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  1. Appreciate this the photos and time it took. I have done this once before in late spring 2015. Doing this Thursday Nov 9th from Blue Mountain Rd to Rt 206( AT parking near Gyps)