Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Devil's Backbone Open Space, Fort Collins, CO

August 31, 2015

Distance: 9.3 miles
Time: 4 hours
Elevation gain: 1,685'
Altitude: 5,081' - 5,709'

Year to date miles: 529.6

Map: brochure at trailhead, probably available online as well

Start of hike: Devil's Backbone Trailhead, Route 34
End of hike: Blue Sky Trailhead, CR 38E
This is a 2 car hike

Hike north on the Wild Loop trail.
Visit the Keyhole.
Continue north on the Hunter Loop trail.
Continue north on the Laughing Horse Loop trail.
Continue north on the Blue Sky trail.
Go through tunnel under CR 38E.
End at Blue Sky trailhead on 38E.

This was a nice warmup hike at higher elevation than home. We hiked it on a hot day - upper 80's. This hike has no shade. It was pretty miserably hot in the sun. Our friends Gail and Ron joined us for part of the hike.

We saw dark clouds move closer as the afternoon progressed.  We got a few sprinkles, which felt nice due to the heat.
We never got lightning but I was stressed about it for a while. The later part of this hike is in a valley. This trail seems very popular with mountain bikers. We had one biker warn us about a rattlesnake on the trail (we didn't see it). We did hear a rattlesnake off the trail (but didn't see it either).

This hike has good views throughout. There is a lot of new development in the area, so some of the views do include mansions unfortunately.

Devil's Backbone

The Keyhole

Rain in the distance

Love the dog height water fountain

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