Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Coast to Coast Day 15 - Blakey Ridge to Glaisdale

June 9, 2015

Miles: 12.1
Elevation gain: 855'

Year to date miles: 388.7

Hike description:

This morning at breakfast we saw a few more groups of hikers we didn't recognize. Some people we overlap with a lot (hi Paul and Sue if you are reading this), and some people we only see for a day.

We only have 3 days left including today. We have since decided that we could have easily done the last 3 days in 2 days. We started out with a road walk, but at least there was a well worn grassy track on the shoulder. We left the road and started walking on a dirt trail in the moor. 

We arrived at Fat Betty, where the tradition is to leave a food offering and take a food offering - as thanks for a successful trip. There were only granola bars. I waited for Sue and Paul to arrive to see if I'd have better luck. Score! I got 2 caramels. I left a Justin's Almond Butter, and Glen left a granola bar. Later Elizabeth said she was psyched to have scored the almond butter. Anything different than another energy bar!

We continued on a dirt and gravel farm road. We stopped a few times to take breaks. Today was a very short day, so there was no rush. I have gotten in the habit of taking my boots off during breaks. My sweaty feet feel so much better after they have had a chance to breathe. We leapfrogged a group of Brits, all wearing shorts. I would be way too cold! With the wind, it has always felt brisk.

We saw a few grouse butts today. And many grouse, including babies. The moors seem to be maintained for the purpose of providing a breeding ground for grouse. We were reading that it costs around 10,000 pounds a day to go on an organized grouse hunt. Holy cow! I need to read up more on that.

Even after taking our time, we arrived in Glaisdale too early. There was a tea shop in town, but it wasn't open today. We passed the village shop, which was closed for lunch. We headed to the pub, Arncliffe Arms, where I had tea and chips. I tried my chips with vinegar. Not bad. We were joined by the Canadians, Ken and Elizabeth, and then by the Australians, Sue and Paul. They were all staying in Egton Bridge tonight.

We went back to the village store to resupply on flapjacks, which seems to be the English equivalent of an energy bar.

At the B&B, we were given tea and cake when we arrived. A few B&B's do this, and it's something I enjoy. A chance to sit and relax. I'm usually hungry by the time we arrive at our B&B. Most pubs don't start serving dinner until 6pm. 

We returned to the pub for dinner. I had vegetable lasagna, which seems to be the default vegetarian item on pub menus. This was the 3rd or 4th time I've had it. Way too much cheese. Plus, it left me no room for sticky toffee pudding. I've been trying sticky toffee pudding at multiple pubs. It seems to be on every pub's menu. I'm having much more food, dessert, and beer than I have at home. It's going to be a shock to my system when I have to cut back to more normal portion sizes and healthier food when we return home.

At today's B&B we can see a pheasant below the bird feeder!

Night: Beggars Bridge B&B

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