Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Coast to Coast Day 16 - Glaisdale to Littlebeck

June 10, 2015

Miles: 9.6
Time: 8:55 - 3:30
Elevation gain: 1,432'

Year to date miles: 398.3

Hike description:

This morning at our B&B, we watched pheasants eat seed below the owner's feeders. We have seen a lot of pheasants and grouse recently.

We started off walking this morning without checking where we should go. Duh! Our first detour of the day.
Our hike started in the woods. Glen said it felt like we were hiking at home. More like we are used to. We walked through Egton Bridge, a small pretty town. The we headed to Grosmont. There are a few shops in Grosmont, but the highlight is the coal burning steam trains. They were used in the first Harry Potter movie. We sat and watched the trains for a while and then visited the train shed. It is worth spending some time there. Apparently you can take one of the trains to Whitby and visit Whitby Abbey. We had time to kill, so I wish we had known to do this. We stopped for tea and a scone, and then continued on our way.
After the town is a steep road walk. We hadn't paid close enough attention to our surroundings and got stuck in which way to go at an intersection. A local pointed us in the right direction (steeply up).
We started getting views of the very blue North Sea (did I mention that it was dry and sunny today?) with the red tile roofed houses of Whitby. We could also see Whitby Abbey. We stopped at a bench and just enjoyed the view for a long time.

We continued on and entered the moors, which looked rather bleak. We visited some Bride Stones, which they think might be a variation of stone circles.
We took another 2 breaks in the moors, where I worked on improving my poor compass navigation skills. Sigh. I was able to identify 2 howes (mounds with basins). Unfortunately my map didn't show Whitby Abbey, but another hiker verified that it was what we were seeing.
Eventually 6 of us headed down the shortcut to Intake Farm, trying not to get lost. Minimal detour :) We were given tea and cake on arrival. Such a nice way to be greeted.
Since there is no pub close to Intake Farm, they offer a dinner. What a treat! A large family style dinner with lots of vegan friendly offerings. And pavlova for dessert! Super food - not another night of  vegetable lasagna.

Sad that our adventure will be over tomorrow, but looking forward to seeing our dogs in a few days.

Night: Intake Farm

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