Monday, June 8, 2015

Coast to Coast Day 14 - Great Broughton to Blakey Ridge

June 8, 2015

Miles: 11.8
Time: 8:50 - 2:10
Elevation gain: 1,688'

Year to date miles: 376.6

Hike description:
Today started out as a mentally challenging day. I only had 1 cup of coffee during breakfast to reduce the need for a pit stop on our long morning road walk from Great Broughton back to the trail. It's a road with very fast moving cars and only a very narrow shoulder. There are alternate routes, but they will take you out of the way (heading west). We did find a side trail at one point. It headed uphill and I was feeling mentally and physically sluggish.

When we reached the moors and the level hiking started, my mood improved and the walking was easy. My feet still felt sore and my boots heavy, but at that point it was just one foot in front of the other. Most of the trails through the moors were dirt or gravel farm roads. There were signs about the dangers of walking through the moors - falling into swamp bogs, being bitten by black adders (poisonous snakes), and being bitten by sheep ticks (I didn't realize they have Lymes here too).

We saw several boxes of white granules in the moors. I looked it up and it is wormer medicine for the grouse. They stop medicating the birds before hunting season.
We saw the North Sea today. Sad that this means our trip is almost over. I am loving the adventure we are on.
Tonight we are staying at the Lion Inn, which was built in the 1500's. The room is miniscule. The walls in the dining room are crazy thick. We ate dinner with 2 of our Australian friends.

Night: The Lion Inn

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