Friday, June 5, 2015

Coast to Coast Day 11 - Richmond to Danby Wiske

June 5, 2015

Miles: 14.1
Time: 8:20 - 2:07
Elevation gain: 662'

Year to date miles: 336.5

Hike description:

Today has been the least interesting day of the hike. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great like the other days. 

In Richmond, we had a 7:30 breakfast. We wanted an early start due to the long mileage today. It wasn't necessary at all in the end, as we arrived way too early in Danby Wiske. Many B&B's prefer you not arrive until 4:00, and we arrived at 2:00. And, there really isn't much to do in Danby Wiske. There's a very old church, which we took a look around in. And there is one pub, where we stopped in and spent an hour killing time. 

We left Richmond this morning and hiked by a sewage plant and a quarry. We did go through a few sheep and cattle fields, though they were much less scenic than in previous days. I'm thinking they didn't have stone fences. We didn't see any working sheepdogs today either. 

I'm getting a little more comfortable walking through fields with cattle. I thought I had read that Bulls weren't supposed to be kept in fields with rights of way, but we haven't found this the case. We walked through one field that actually had a sign saying there was a bull in the field (we saw none). Then we walked through another field with a bull in it - he was entertaining the ladies and left us alone.

We had to take a detour today - a specified temporary reroute. No getting lost detours. Other than the reroute, navigation was easy today.

We walked on and off with an Australian couple today that we hadn't met before - Bunny & Richard. It seems that most people take a rest day in Richmond, and we did not, so we might be leapfrogging new people now.

Night: Old School House

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