Saturday, June 6, 2015

Coast to Coast Day 12 - Danby Wiske to Osmotherley

June 6, 2015

Miles: 13.2
Time: 9:09 - 3:44
Elevation gain: 1,470'

Year to date miles: 349.7

Hike description:

This morning we got back onto an 8 am breakfast schedule. Today wouldn't be a long day and we didn't want to arrive in Osmotherley too early. Our day started with a road walk. Luckily there was less road walking today. My feet and joints felt sore last night from pounding the pavement. 

Today we crossed several grain fields. We had 25-30 mph winds, which made waves in the crops. Sometimes we got dizzy just from walking in them!

The wind stayed strong all day. It didn't bother me because it kept me cool. There were grey clouds low in the sky. These make me feel claustrophobic. I just feel like the sky is pushing down on me - that it is too close to me. I've experienced this feeling before when hiking in Iceland. 

We saw a few places where farmers or residents leave out food and drinks for hikers. We picked up some flapjacks for a pound each. Glen was psyched. He's a big fan of flapjacks!

Today we crossed the A19. Hikers say it is the most dangerous part of the hike. We stopped and studied the traffic patterns carefully before crossing. There IS a median. It wasn't as bad as we heard. It probably only took us 5 minutes to get across. We survived the A19 :)

We stopped for lunch at the Ingleby Arncliffe sign on the side of the road. It blocked the wind.

From there we managed to find the Mount Grace Priory. We couldn't find the trail using the Stedman guide, so we used our map. It is worth the trip. We spent some time walking around the manor house and priory, then found a trail from the parking area to take us into Osmotherley. We didn't have a detailed map of Osmotherley, but found the Golden Lion easily.

We asked about dinner, and they said they were fully booked until 9pm, but could fit us into a tiny table earlier. I guess it is good to make reservations on weekends for pubs. Then again, the pub we were at last night was pretty empty except for the 8 hikers in town. Tonight, when we went down for dinner, it seemed like they had forgotten to book us a table. And even though I had notified them about Glen being a vegan ahead of time by email and again when reserving our table, they still had quite a bit of a problem figuring out what they could give Glen. I wasn't impressed.

The pub we are staying at has our favorite shower so far! I almost felt like rating each place's shower/tub/toilet! British plumbing can be challenging. This shower had good water pressure and plenty of hot water :) We got all the way clean. Some days we don't!

We are also getting a lot of noise in our bedroom from opening and shutting doors. Maybe the employees going in and out of the pub kitchen. Bar closes at 11pm. I might need to stay up until then. We normally go to sleep quite early - it seems like we need more sleep with all of this hiking.

Night: The Golden Lion

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