Thursday, June 4, 2015

Coast to Coast Day 10 - Reeth to Richmond

June 4, 2015

Miles: 13.5
Time: 8:40 - 3:40
Elevation gain: 1,792'

Year to date miles: 322.4

Hike description:

This morning at our B&B, we met 2 Brits doing a week long Inn to Inn walk in the Yorkshire Dales. They were also using a baggage transport service. There are a number of long distance walks in England where you can use a luggage transfer service and stay at a pub or B&B every night.

Today's hike was a relatively easy walk through farmland and on paved roads. We spent the day leapfrogging the Tasmanians, Jim and Michael. We saw two of the Australians early on, but other than that, no one else we recognized. Today our only "detour", i.e. missed turn, only took us 2 minutes from where we should have been. No other navigational challenges. And the weather was sunny and warm! Got to wear a short sleeve shirt and sunscreen.

We arrived very early in Richmond - too early to check into our B&B. We started wandering around Richmond to see what there was. First we arrived at the ruins of a Friary. We then headed to Richmond Castle. Richmond Castle is very old, but a lot of the ruins are still in good shape. I managed to trip and fall in the castle - hit my knee, so it might be a bit sore tomorrow. We were both hungry, so we stopped at one of the two Coops in town for a snack.

We again ate Indian food and were disappointed.

Night: 66 Frenchgate

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