Sunday, May 24, 2015

Traveling to St. Bees and St. Bees Walk

There are various ways to get to St. Bees  from the U.S. We ended up flying from Boston to London. Flying to Scotland is another option which I think puts you a little closer. We were able to get a daytime flight to London which makes us super happy. I can't sleep on overnight flights. We stayed overnight at the Hilton airport hotel, since it was too late to travel to St. Bees. That worked out well. The food there was crazy expensive - $28 for a falafel burger, and $40 for the breakfast buffet. But the location was great. The Heathrow Express train is free to transfer to the terminal the hotel is at.

The next day, we took the Heathrow Express train to Paddington Station (not free). From Paddington Station we took the tube to Oxford Circus then transferred to Euston Station. This was all pretty easy. I downloaded a Tube Map app which came in handy.

From Euston Station we had to take trains to Carlisle. We thought there were many trains. Turns out it is a bank holiday, and we all of a sudden had to worry if we would get to Carlisle in time for the last train to St. Bees. Yikes. We took a Virgin Atlantic train to Preston. I sat riding backwards which made me want to hurl. Feeling jet lagged and pretty awful. We then transferred to a train to Carlisle - sitting facing forward! Our bags were difficult to deal with on the train. From Carlisle we took the train to St. Bees, arriving at 5:30pm. There has to be an easier way to get to St. Bees! I was relieved to have arrived.

To top off our travel woes, I got a call from the people boarding Moxie. Her mouth is bleeding and she has a loose tooth sticking out at a funny angle. For data I only have wifi. I got a one month international calling plan. Trying to call was awful! I was on the train getting kicked out of where I was sitting when they first called, so had to cut the call short. I then had problems with my outbound calls failing. Eventually I got through and left a voice message. They called back and then I lost them when we went through a tunnel. Ugh. Trying to arrange vet care from here is challenging. My vet is 2 hours away from where I board them, so I'm sending Moxie to the boarder's vet.

In St. Bees, we walked from the train station to Abbey Farmhouse where we were greeted by Steve, the charming host. He met his wife on the coast to coast! He made us feel welcome and relaxed after our long stressful day of traveling.

In the evening we did a walk around the town and beach recommended by our host. 

Miles: 3.3
Elevation gain:

Year to date miles: 190.3

Sitting on the floor at Euston Station

View of the church from our B&B

Visiting the village school, built in the 1532.

Walking through a pasture of lambs

Checking out tomorrow's starting point

Living my adventure

The Irish Sea

The train station where we arrived from

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