Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wilson Mountain - Sedona, Arizona

December 16, 2014

Miles: 10.3
Time: 7 hours
Elevation gain: 5,231 cumulative feet (2527 feet elevation gain)
Max elevation: 7,019 feet

Year to date miles: 487

Map: Sedona Outdoor Recreation Map

Parking: Midgley BridgeTrailhead, at Midgley Bridge on 89A
Room for around 15 cars.
Most people just pull into this lot to take a quick photo & leave.
Red Rocks parking pass required ($15/week)

Restrooms: at parking lot
Post Hike Dinner: Picazzo's - vegan friendly restaurant (several vegan options clearly noted on menu. Good pizza.

Hike Directions:
At parking lot, follow sign on right to Wilson Mountain.
I believe the trail is called the Midgley Bridge Trail (though I didn't see a sign calling it that).
At 0.8 miles, stay straight towards Wilson Mountain (as opposed to Wilson Canyon).
At this point you will start to ascend several switchbacks.
You will reach a plateau called First Bench.
At intersection of North Wilson Trail, stay straight on Wilson Mountain Trail.
At intersection of sign for views, turn left towards "Sedona View".
Walk 0.5 miles to view on the edge of the mountain.
Return to intersection of sign for views.
Stay straight towards "Canyon View."
We continued for a ways on this trail, but decided to turn around before the end.
Return to the intersection of sign for views.
Turn left onto Wilson Mountain Trail.
Stay straight at intersection with North Wilson Trail at sign
Stay straight - onto Midgely Bridge Trail at sign.
End at parking area.

This hike had a variety of terrain making it very interesting. The bench and the plateau at the top of the mountain have very different terrain than other areas we've seen so far. There was also some snow on the side of the mountain (not deep at all). Sedona view was great - this mountain is the highest one in the area, so you really are looking down at everything. We only saw 3 people hiking today.

Glen had a little issue with vertigo, hiking on the side of the mountain, but he was able to hike through it. Although the trail was narrow, there were usually shrubs on the side, which helped him. We took our time, and didn't find this hike too difficult. There is a lot of elevation gain, but it is gradual. We were told it is best not to bushwhack on the mountain (based on signs & being told that hunters leave traps on the mountaintop), so we didn't quite make it to the true summit which is very close to, but not on the trail.

Parking area - not too big, but we found most people came, took a photo, and left.

On the bench

Incredible canyon views

View of San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff


At the top of the mountain - here is the split for the "Sedona View" versus the "Canyon View"

Looking down

It's cold up here

View of bench and canyon

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