Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cathedral Rock Loop - Sedona, Arizona

December 18, 2014

Miles: 10.1
Elevation gain:
Max elevation:

Year to date miles: 497.1

Map: Sedona Outdoor Recreation Map

Parking: Back O' Beyond Trailhead, Back O' Beyond Road
Room for around 15 cars.
Most people just take a short walk to Cathedral Rock, snap a photo, and return to their car.
Red Rocks parking pass required ($15/week)

Restrooms: None
Post Hike Dinner: Whole Foods

Hike Directions:
Straight on Cathedral Rock Trail.
Left on Templeton Trail.
Right on Slim Shady Trail.
Pass Made in the Shade Trail (you will return via this trail).
Left onto Made in the Shade Trail at second intersection (we never saw a sign)
Left on Slim Shady Trail (this is the end of the loop)
Left on Hiline Trail.
Right on Baldwin Trail.
Right on Templeton Trail.
Left on Cathedral Rock Trail to parking lot.

This hike has a lot of good views of Cathedral Rock from many angles.
After we left the Cathedral Rock Trail, most of the people we saw on the trails were mountain bikers.
Most of the trails were easy/moderate.
They weren't level, but had small ups/downs.
The lower loop (Made in the Shade Trail/Slim Shady Trail) had a lot of car noise (you can often see the highway next to you). We missed a turn in this area - but it wasn't a big deal, since we could navigate just by looking at which side of us the highway was on.
The HiLine Trail had a few bad spots for vertigo, but it also had really, really good views.
The HiLine Trail is also a CRAZY trail for mountain bikers.

Crazy mountain biking trail - hiking it was fine, though if you have vertigo, might cause some issues.

Trail has steep drop offs - however this isn't even the scariest mountain bike section

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