Monday, December 15, 2014

Munds Wagon Trail, Hangover Trail, Schnebly Hill Trail - Sedona, Arizona

December 15, 2014

Miles: 13.1
Time: 7.5 hours
Elevation gain: 4,736 feet
Max elevation: 6,182 feet

Year to date miles: 476.7

Map: Sedona Outdoor Recreation Map

Parking: Huckaby Trailhead on Schnebly Hill Road (right before the road turns into a dirt high clearance only road).
Restrooms: at parking lot

Hike Directions:
The trail is on the right side of the parking lot (if facing parking lot from the street).
Follow the Munds Wagon Trail as it parallels (and sometimes crosses) the jeep road.
At the intersection of the Hangover Trail, turn left on the Hangover Trail.
After a certain distance there is a flat area with an incredible view.
After this area, the hike continued on narrow ledges (steep drop down).
It then started to ascend towards a peak. At this point we had to turn around (due to vertigo).
Return to the intersection of the Hangover Trail and the Munds Wagon Trail.
Turn left on the Munds Wagon Trail, which continues to parallel the jeep road
Cross the jeep road
The Cow Pies Trail will leave to the left, but stay straight.
Cross the jeep road once again.
The Munds Wagon Trail ends on the jeep road.
Cross the street and follow the Schnebly Hill Trail.
We continued hiking up the Schnebly Hill Trail to what looked like its highest point.
Where a sign said the trail went to the right, we made a sharp turn left instead up what looked almost like a road.
At the top was a chimney and a flat area (with a communications tower in the distance)
We turned around and descended Schnebly Hill Trail.
We crossed the road and returned onto Munds Wagon Trail.
We followed Munds Wagon Trail all the way back to the parking area.

We originally planned on doing this 8.6 mile hike (recommended by the Hike House), but Glen's vertigo got the best of him, and we had to turn around at a certain point on the Hangover Trail.
Sedona - Hangover Trail: Munds Wagon Trail to Cow Pies to Hangover Loop

The parts of this hike that parallel the jeep road can be noisy at times. It seemed like every 10 minutes another jeep or ATV would drive by. The ATV's were smelly. However, once you leave the jeep trail, it is very, very quiet. We saw only a few hikers and a couple of mountain bikers. The views on the Hangover Trail and Schnebly Hill Trail were phenomenal.

This hike was long, but we both felt good. There was a bunch of elevation gain, but nothing was too steep (except the area where Glen got vertigo). We highly recommend this hike!


The trail getting narrow and steep

Deciding to turn around....below us, there is a steep drop off, so you don't want to lose your footing here

Another tricky area on the return to the Munds Wagon Trail

Back on the Munds Wagon Trail - much easier

On many trails, the cairns are in wire cages

Recommended parking area for Schnebly Hill if you have a 4WD vehicle (which we didn't)

We found an old fireplace

We hiked up to here - looks like a jeep road - though we couldn't locate it on the map

On the left side are the "Cow Pies", which really do look like cow pies

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