Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hudson Highland Hike List, New York

Hudson Highlands Hike List

NJNJTC East Hudson Trails Map

Anthony's Nose 5/2/2013
Anthony's Nose 7/26/2013
Bull Hill (Mt. Taurus) via Lone Star/Nelsonville/Washburn/Undercliff Trails Loop  4/5/2014
Castle Rock Unique Area 5/16/2013
Garrison School Forest - North and South Redoubt 5/17/2013
Hudson Highlands Gateway Park Loop 4/23/2015
Manitoga 5/14/2013
Manitou Point Preserve 5/7/2013
Schunemunk Mountain Loop from Taylor Road via Dark Hollow, Jessup and Western Ridge Trails 5/3/2015
South Beacon Mountain Firetower and Scofield Ridge  TODO
Watergrass Sanctuary 6/4/2013

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