Thursday, May 16, 2013

Castle Rock Unique Area, Garrison, NY

May 16, 2013
Distance: 4.5 miles
Time: 2 hour 13 minutes
Year to date miles: 107.6

Map: East Hudson Trails Map

Parking: Wing & Wing Rd (east side of route 9D), Garrison, NY. Parking area at the end of the dirt road has room for around 4 cars. Signs show you where to park.

Restrooms: None
Post hike dinner:  None

Directions: From parking area, head towards meadow (blue blazed trail). Cross  meadow and continue following blue blazed trail. At gazebo continue straight onto red blazed Sugarloaf trail. At intersection, turn right onto red blazed trail and head towards summit of Sugarloaf Hill. Continue along a ridge until the end of the trail, where there is a view of the Hudson River. Retrace steps back to the intersection. Turn right onto the red blazed trail. Just before a stream turn right onto an unmaintained woods road. We missed this at first, but the turn is immediately before the stream. Follow the unmarked woods road as it follows a stream, and then parallels Route 9D. Rejoin the red trail. Turn left (no blazes immediately apparent) into the meadow. When you reach Wing & Wing road, turn right and return to the parking area.

Notes: LOVE the castle!  The castle is private property, but the view of the castle from the meadow is wonderful.  I also like hiking through meadows. The hike up Sugarloaf Hill is pretty steep.

We couldn't tell the name of the street to park on from the East Hudson Trails Map. The street is called Wing & Wing, and there is also a sign for Castle Rock.

Driving down the road, there are signs telling you where to park. And that the castle is private property.

Parking area has room for around 4 cas.

At the end of the parking area. The trail starts out towards the pump house.

First view of Castle Rock

It looks like a fairy tale

Crossing the meadow. The trail is slightly mown.

At the end of the meadow, the trail turns right onto a woods road

Gazebo at the intersection with the Sugarloaf Trail

Near the Sugarloaf Hill summit. Keep going for the views.

View at the end of Sugarloaf Trail. View of the Hudson River and Bear Mountain Bridge.

Along the woods road that parallels 9D.

Turn left at a faint path into the meadow. No blazes for a while.

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  1. Go back later in the season to see the ample prickly pear cactus in flower.