Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mountain Meadow Preserve, Williamstown, MA

June 7, 2014

Miles 4.6
Time: 2 hours 6 minutes    

Year to date miles:   167.1

Parking: See book. Parking lot has room for around 6 cars.

Rest rooms: None

Hike directions: AMCs Best Day Hikes in the Berkshires hike #7

Map: map in book or Mountain Meadow Preserve. There is a kiosk at the trailhead which sometimes has maps.

Hike notes:
We did see yellow blazes, but we weren't sure if they corresponded to a specific trail. There are signs with trail names. However, there are side trails that are unmarked and not on the map, so at times it is confusing. The views at the meadow are outstanding. Parts of this hike are on grassy trails, but we didn't have a problem with ticks. The hike is on the northern border of Massachusetts, and crosses into Vermont. The only other people we saw on the trails were joggers. There is very little water on this hike - basically only one stream which was almost dry.


The trail starts out as a mowed path in the meadow, with views of mountains surrounding it.

Some intersections are marked with nice signs.

Wild phlox grows everywhere around here

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