Sunday, June 8, 2014

Stone HIll, Williamstown, MA

June 7, 2014

Miles 2.9
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes?

Year to date miles:   170

Parking: See book.

Rest rooms: None

Hike directions: AMCs Best Day Hikes in the Berkshires hike #6 - however we didn't hike the hike described in the book!

Map: map in book and AMC Map Massachusetts

Hike notes:
So we weren't sure where to park for this hike. And we didn't bring the book with the hike description with us. We took the AMC map and memorized the route on the map. However, the AMC map isn't high enough resolution for this hike. At The Clark gallery, there was another map, which showed the trails, but we did have some problems trying to line it up with our AMC map. So, we started off on a trail, and even though we were heading south like we wanted to, after going 1.2 miles, we realized there was no way we were in the right place. The trail in the book was marked easy, and based on the good signage at the trailhead, I knew there was no way they would have people hiking on a non-blazed trail moderate trail in the woods. We retraced our steps. On the way back, we stopped by something called the Pasture Trail, which does have a nice view. So....without a better map (couldn't find one online), we'll probably skip retrying this short hike.

Where we parked. We walked left along the road to the gallery.

The best map we found, but yes, we still didn't know where we hiked!

Guessing we should have turned right here & followed the signs to the stone bench. Notice the nice white blaze.
We didn't turn right - we went blazes.

The pasture trail is scenic and has views of mountains.
Luckily no cattle in it (though signs of cattle), since we had our dogs.

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