Sunday, March 23, 2014

Morristown National Historical Park, NJ - Jockey Hollow Area

March 23, 2014

Miles: 7.9
Time: 3 hours 25 minutes
Parking: Large lot. GPS Coordinates 40.772242, -74.527680

Rest rooms: Indoor rest rooms at the parking lot. They even felt heated.Hike directions: NJ Morristown National Historical Park

Map: Jockey Hollow

Hike description: Easy hike, mostly flat. Lots of dog walkers and joggers. Signs of horses as well on some trails. Lots of opportunities to come up with shorter or longer hikes. Trails were well marked (with maps at most intersections), however we still managed to take a wrong turn somewhere (where there were many intersecting trails). Not a problem - the you are here maps helped us out. Many intersections were numbered, but our map wasn't. Our hike was virtually snow-free! There is a mountain that we considered bushwhacking to (no trail goes to it), but there were too many thorny bushes to make that any fun. Some parts of the hike had streams, so we stopped at one on the red trail to throw sticks for the dogs. The park was does pass the back yards of some houses on occasion. The park was very clean - very little litter. 

Year to date miles:   90.8

Trail head at the parking area

Example of trail intersection. Very handy "You are here" maps. 

The trails were also clearly blazed.

Replica military cabins

Got a laugh out of this photo

Taking a swim break for the dogs (the only time we decided to take them off leash), and a pumpkin bread break for the humans.

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