Sunday, March 16, 2014

Columbia Trail, High Bridge to Lockwood Gorge, NJ

March 16, 2014

Miles: 8.5

Parking: 79 Main Street, High Bridge, NJ. Tons of room.

Rest rooms: A partially broken down portapotty in the parking lot. But not much opportunity on the trail, so it's the best place.

Hike directions: Best Hikes With Dogs, New Jersey hike #22

Map: Columbia Trail

Hike description: I found this hike rather dull. We went to NJ to escape the snow, but this trail ended up being super icy once we reached the gorge. The hike starts directly across the street from the parking lot. It is paved briefly, and then becomes gravel. The trail is on an old railroad bed. So, it is very level and easy. I found the beginning of the trail quite ugly & urban, however we kept finding gnome houses which humored us. More on the gnomes: Challenge the Whole Family Hunting for Gnome Homes Along the Columbia Trail. The trail got nicer when you could see the river below. But, once we came to that spot, the trail became snow covered, and very icy. We hadn't packed our microspikes, figuring that the hike would be snow free. The trail is marked with markers every 1/4 mile, so you know exactly how far you've gone. We decided to turn around shortly after the 4 mile marker. This trail was popular with joggers. There were also signs of horses. There was a lot of garbage, un-picked up dog poop (both bagged and not) on the trail.

Year to date miles:   82.9

A sign a short way after the trailhead. The beginning of the trail is very urban, passing by many houses.

One of the gnome houses

Fresh eggs for sale (we saw the chickens), but already sold out

Another gnome house

Ugg....very difficult walking - everything was hard ice

This one is a smurf house

Mile markers, which are placed every 1/4 mile

The river down below

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