Friday, April 26, 2013

Teatown Lake Reservation - Catamount Hill/Cliffdale Loop/Teatown Trails

April 26, 2013

Distance: 4.1 miles
Time: 1 hour 29 minutes
Year to date miles: 63.5

Map: Teatown Trail Map or Walkable Westchester or Yorktown Walkbook

Parking: Pass Teatown Nature Center on right on Spring Valley Road, Ossining, NY. Turn right onto Teatown Road. This is a VERY narrow twisty road - drive slow. Parking lot is on right at sign for Teatown Lake, Cliffdale Farm. Room for around 4-6 cars.

Post hike dinner: none
Restrooms: none

From parking area cross street, and go past gate.
Immediately turn left to follow the blue blazed Catamount Hill Trail.
Follow Trail until you hit the orange blazed Cliffdale Loop Trail.
Turn left on the Cliffdale Loop Trail (we missed the turn, ended up at the beginning of the hike and had to backtrack).
When the orange blazed trail hits a road, turn right on the road, until the trail re-enters the woods on the left.
Turn left on the white blazed Cliffdale/Teatown Trail.
We followed this trail until the second boardwalk/stream crossing past the power lines, and then turned around.
When you reach the junction with the orange blazed Cliffdale Loop trail again, turn left and follow back to the parking area.

Notes: Pleasant hike, which goes through woods and mowed meadows. Trail is well maintained. No gravel trails. Easy/moderate hike.

Sign for parking area

Parking area

Cross the street, pass the gate, and turn left


Look for this sign to get on the trail.

The trail goes  through some mowed paths in meadows

This is where we missed our turn.
We followed the arrow, which wasn't the way we intended on the orange trail.

Instead, head to the orange trail through the meadow.

Into the woods. Where the bridges were made out of artificial decking material (something like Trex)

A handrail for a steep climb.

Turn right on the road. The houses in this area have beautiful properties!

Near a red building, turn onto the Teatown Trail

Sunset at the field next to the parking area

Kiosk at parking area

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