Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Teatown Lake Reservation, Back 40 Trail and Lakeside Trail Loop

April 24, 2013

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 1 hour 23 minutes
Year to date miles: 55.4

 Map: Teatown Trail Map or Walkable Westchester which has a photo of the lake on the cover

Parking: 1600 Spring Valley Road, Ossining, NY. Parking next to nature center building
Post hike dinner: none
Restrooms: Maybe inside nature center?

From parking lot, cross the street. Head towards the metal gate with a kiosk just past it. The is the Croft Trail. It soon reaches Vernay Lake. Turn right at the lake onto the orange blazed Back 40 trail. Do a loop around the Back 40 trail. There was a detour due to a boardwalk that was in need of repair. After completing the loop, take the black blazed connector (under power lines) towards Spring Valley Road. Cross Spring Valley Road. Head towards the lake and turn left onto the blue blazed Lakeside trail. Follow the lake in a clockwise loop. Pass the gate for Wildflower Island. Then leave the trail and head back up to the parking lot.

Notes: I really expected to enjoy this hike more. I've seen wonderful photos of Teatown Lake. It might just be the wrong time of year. Part of the Back 40 trail I though was not pretty at all. It went under buzzing high tension power lines a lot. Even the  Lakeside Trail passes under the power lines twice. The lake had a lot of algae, so not particularly nice for dog swimming. Dogs are not allowed off leash. A sign warned of coyotes in the area.

Parking lot next to nature center

Trail across the street from the parking area

Vernay Lake with an unnatural viewing area

Turning onto the Back 40 Trail

Which is closed off due to a boardwalk in disrepair. There is  a way around it however. We turned right.

We reached this sign (under the power lines) and turned left to get back to the trail we wanted to be on.

One of the boardwalks

Buzzing power lines

Near the end of the Back 40 Loop

We saw lots of deer. This one didn't run away when we passed by.
On the black trail heading towards the road.

Road crossing.

There were a few beautiful benches along Teatown Lake

This is the FLOATING boardwalk that you see photos of so often.

View of the lake from the boardwalk.

Trek hated the boardwalk. It rocks.

Ummmmm......BLIGHT! If power cuts are good for wildlife, maybe skip the power lines and just create a meadow?

Gate to Wildflower Island. Open for guided tours only.

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