Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Green Trail Loop

April 23, 2013

Distance: 3.5 miles
Time: 1 hours 12 minutes
Year to date miles: 52.3

 Map: Ward Pound Ridge Pick up a map when you pay for parking.

Parking: Enter park, pay for parking and keep driving straight until you see a sign for Michigan Road. Turn right on Michigan Road, and park at the end of the road (lower parking area). There is plenty of parking. Cost is $10 without a Westchester County Parks Pass. $5 with a Parks Pass. There was no parking attendant when we arrived in the evening, so it was free.

Post hike dinner: none
Restrooms: None

More information on the park: Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
From the lower parking area, find trailhead at kiosk next to swampy bird nesting area.
Follow the green trail.
Early on the green trail splits - you can go left or right.
We went left and did a clockwise loop.
The loop will end at the parking area.

 Notes: This is a very popular park. This hike was easy. This trails are very clearly blazed. The map also has numbers at intersections which correspond to numbers posted on trees. On some trails, you will come across a lot of people. We didn't see anyone on the trails - this was a weekday evening.

Awesome turkey art next to the parking area. Moxie loves turkeys. We saw the real thing when driving out of the park.

End of Michigan Road. Parking area is right before the traffic circle.

Walk to the right of the bird nesting area to reach the trailhead.

Kiosk at trailhead. No maps were available in the mailbox.

Trails are very wide. Some of them are gravel (pretty small gravel, so not too painful on the feet), and some are dirt.

The skunk cabbage is out. We saw a few wildflowers and several ferns starting to leaf.

Peace pole at the beginning/end of the hike.


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