Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saco River Canoe Trip, White Mountains

July 3, 2012
Not a hike, but a good way to spend a non-hiking rest day.
We did a 7.2 mile canoe trip down the Saco River.
Glen paddled, and my job was to keep the dogs in the canoe as much as possible!
There are tons of canoe & kayak rental places in the North Conway area.
They drop you off at a spot based on the mileage you want to do, and you paddle downstream back to their livery.
I decided I like the seated position of a kayak better - my back hurt for a couple of days after this trip.

The canoe was heavy! We had to drag it a way to the river.
We didn't pack water shoes. That was a mistake!
Let's get this adventure started!
Glen had to do 90% of the paddling
Dude relaxing
Moxie as very comfortable in the canoe. She had a blast.
She was really interested in watching all the other paddlers & swimmers & tubers.
Trek sat in front with me. Love this dog!
Moxie looking dorky.
One of the campgrounds on the river was having a rubber ducky race.
We took pity on the dogs, and stopped for a swim break.
Not like they didn't jump out of the canoe to swim before this. The river is very shallow, so very tempting to jump overboard!
The dogs joined us for dinner at A Taste of Life, a new vegan restaurant in North Conway.
We went for a drive in the evening looking for moose. We ended up seeing 5 foxes, including this one, who crossed the street when we pulled over, and came practically up to Glen's window. My guess is fed by humans one to many times?

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  1. Great pictures! It's been years since I've hiked in that part of the country.