Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hedgehog Mountain, White Mountains

July 2, 2012
Distance: 4.8 miles
Elevation gain: 1,350 feet
Time: 4 hours 41 minutes
Map: AMC White Mountains Trail Map Set
Parking: Kancamagus Highway parking lot, across from Passaconaway campground. $3 parking fee.
Restrooms: none
Pre hike breakfast: Local Grocer
Post hike dinner: Flatbread Company
Directions: AMC White Mountain Guide
Downes Brook Trail (very short), turn left onto UNH Trail to summit

This is also the same trailhead to reach Potash Mountain.
The ski trails are not marked on the AMC maps (we found this in other areas as well).
Peak List: 52 with a View (#2)
Year to date miles: 224.1

Trailhead (at rock), and dirt Downes Brook Trail.
Glen at intersection (very short distance) of UNH trail, heading to the left.
The East Ledges on the way to the summit have a great view.
There was a large ditch filled with branches. We met some trail mainainers or USDA Forestry employees? on the trail.
We got lost here.  Needed to run left instead of right.
When there is a pile of sticks across the path you are taking - they might be there for a reason!
After following the path to the right & not seeing any blazes we turned back & found our mistake.
Ferns growing on a boulder
Looking up
Approaching the ledges
Finding a shady spot
We originally thought this was the summit, because of the great views. But it turned out to be the East Ledges.
We figured that out quickly, when we left and kept climbing up instead of down.
The views here were better than at the summit.
Blueberry patch on the ledges
There were a lot of steep flat rocks in the White Mountains. My mantra - Just Run!
Makes it easier to get up them!
The dogs found a mud pit near the summit. They were hot, so they jumped in.
Summit marker - x marks the spot
Look at those muddy paws
We took this very short detour to Allens' Ledge
We climbed up this tall rock...oops wrong path. But it was a fun rock.

Back down again...to find the trail
View from Allen's Ledge - found it!
The White Mountains are used for logging as well, as you can see in this area.
After our hike, we pulled over onto the side of the road, and took a break to swim in the Swift River. The dogs were thrilled.
Trek didn't want to leave....he took some pursauding.
Trek hanging out at outdoor seating at the Flatbread Company. They have the best pizza!
And the dogs were a hit! While waiting for seating, we had lines of people who wanted to pet them!
The dogs did great with all of the kids.

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