Monday, August 7, 2017

Campbell Hill, Ohio State High Point

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
8/6/2017 N/A

Map: None needed

Parking: Community College parking lot


After bagging the Indiana state high point, we headed over to the Ohio state high point. The two are close enough to do in one day and still get back to where we were staying in Michigan. This high point is on the grounds of a community college. I had vague recollections when I researched this before that there were special instructions on how to get in. When we got there, the main gate into the college was closed. Oops. There is a parking lot outside the main gate, so this was fine. The college is completely surrounded by a tall chain link fence. Uh oh. We brought up the summitpost instructions, and it mentioned that the college (and main gate are closed on Sundays). Ugh. And that it is best to call ahead if you go when its closed. I've been so busy I didn't re-research the high points again. The website did mention that there is a pedestrian gate to the left of the car gate that is often open even when the college is closed. We got lucky and the chain link gate was open. Phew!

This is our 13th state high point.

The gate to get into the college. The pedestrian gate is off to the left.

The high point is up on the hill next to the flagpole.

View of the high point from the parking area outside of the gates.

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