Saturday, December 3, 2016

MA Appalachian Trail - Sections 5-6 - Becket Road to Upper Goose Pond Cabin

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles

Directions: Follow AT north from US 20 parking area to Becket Road. Turn around, follow AT south to side trail to Upper Goose Pond Cabin (closed in winter). Turn around, and head north to return to US 20 parking area.

I had to take last week off due to needing to rest my knee. I probably should have taken this weekend off too, but I was eager to get out hiking. I feel like I might have limited hiking time before my cortisone shot wears off, so I want to hike while I can. We originally planned to continue working on section 2 of the MA AT. We drove to the Mount Greylock area, planning on parking at Notch Road. Unfortunately we found that the road was closed off in the winter. We stopped by the visitor center and asked about various parking areas, but the whole area was closed off, so we needed a different place to hike. We considered working on section 1, but it really was too late in the day for a hike that long. It's over 2.5 hours drive to Mount Greylock for us. We had no other maps with us, but knew where we left off on section 5 of the AT, so we drove there, using the Guthook app to look up the parking coordinates. We got in a reasonable length hike, considering how much driving around we did. I guess we'll be waiting until the spring to finish off sections 1 & 2 of MA. We had very wet slushy trails today. It was drizzling, and there was a lot of snow on the ground. I ended up putting on microspikes, because it was just tiring to slip a bit with each step. My hip ended up aching during the hike as well, which was pretty frustrating. Each day I get to hike is a gift though.

I am not a deer outfit.

Turn around point. Trail to shelter in the background.

I was so glad for the pair of pedestrian bridges. This would have been a tough road crossing.

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