Thursday, November 24, 2016

MA Appalachian Trail - Sections 2-3 - Mark Noepel Lean-to to Ashuwilliticook Rail Trail

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles

Directions: AT northbound from Ashuwilliticook Rail Trail to Mark Noepel Lean-to and back.

We had the opportunity to go hiking this weekend, and my hip felt okay enough to hike. We decided to continue our way up the MA AT, glad that we are able to do so on snow free ground. We started off at the rail trail parking area, and passed a replica of a cheese press. I didn't use hiking poles today - I don't like to carry them when I know I'll need to have Trek on leash part of the time for road walks. Our goal today was to reach Old Adam's Road (a trail). However, we got an early enough start, that we still had time to go further, so we continued on to the Lean-to. Today's hike went through some fields, but there were also rocky sections with deep leaves. Unfortunately I had a fall on the way back. Part of the hike is steep, and with the leaves it was challenging not to slip. So I fell, and hyperextended/twisted my knee. I was able to get up and continue hiking, just more slowly & carefully. During the long drive home, my knee started killing me. I had to take an Aleve. When we arrived home, I couldn't get out of the car without help, because I was completely non-weight bearing on my left leg. I need a break! I'm so sick of having orthopedic issues. After icing and elevating, I was able to hobble around. The next morning I stopped by urgent care before work. X-rays show nor fractures, and was instructed to rest for a couple of weeks and see my orthopedic doctor after that if it still hurts. So no hiking next weekend.

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