Sunday, December 20, 2015

PA Appalachian Trail - Section 1 - Route 191 to stump (mile 1281.1)

Date Distance Time Elevation Gain Average Moving Time Year to Date Miles
12/20/2015 10.6 miles 4 hours 15 minutes 905' 2.6 mph 789.1

Trail Map
Trail Guide
Parking: Route 191

Start on same side of street as parking area.
Pass Wolf Rocks bypass trail
Go over Wolf Rocks
Pass Wolf Rocks bypass trail
Arrive at stump.
Retrace steps

No hunting Sunday hike. Rocks, rocks, and rocks! The trail was pretty typical until we got to Wolf Rocks. Big boulders fun to climb up. Easy for Trek as well. The trail is practically level the whole way - just rocky. We didn't have enough daylight to make it to a good turn around point (Wind Gap), so we made our turn around point a stump. Well, we have the GPS coordinates of that stump, so we'll know when we reach the stump from the other direction. Rocks just didn't seem like they'd make good distinguishable turn around points. They were all starting to look the same. I spent this hike looking down at my feet.

I have been trying to work on moving quickly on rocky footing. I've improved in the last year. However, I took a flying fall at Wolf Rocks on the way back. Trying to move quickly downhill - not sure what happened, but I stepped down far and couldn't balance well enough and just went flying forward face down. Luckily I got away with only a bruised knee (I seem to get bruised knees at least once a month) and a bent back finger (good thing I'm already double jointed). Not much in the way of views, but I did find Wolf Rocks fun (and a good place to practice footing!).

In case you want to skip the fun at Wolf Rocks

Just piles of boulders

Turn around point

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