Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rockwood Hall at Sleepy Hollow

April 19, 2015

Miles: 2.3

Time:  50 minutes  
Elevation gain: 223 feet

Year to date miles:  101.3

Parking: See directions. Parking was free. Room for around 20 cars, but we ended up parking on the road, because the parking area was full. A sign said that you could also use the parking garage. 

Map: Rockefeller State Park Preserver map

Rockwood Hall at Sleepy Hollow

Hike description:
More of a walk then a hike. All of the trails were paved or gravel. There were tons of people walking or jogging, many with dogs. The area only has a small area of trails, but could be combined with the eastern area of the park for a longer walk. The trails are wide carriage roads. There are some very old beautiful trees in the park. Seems like a nice place to have a summer picnic. There's also a sledding area for the winter.

Walking along a paved trail. We were the only people with backpacks :)

Trek looking out over the Hudson River

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