Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hudson Highlands Gateway Park Loop

April 23, 2015

Miles: 4.3

Time:  1 hour 39 minutes
Elevation gain: 1,325 feet

Year to date miles:  105.6

Parking: See directions. Large parking next to ball field.

Map: East Hudson Trails

Directions: Hudson Highlands Gateway Park Loop

Hike description:
We had never hiked in this park, so were excited to try a new place close to home. The hike was blazed okay, and although there were some blowdowns, we found the trail reasonably well maintained (comments on the NYNJTC mentioned poor trail conditions). However, I didn't find this hike very interesting I guess. There really weren't any exciting views, and part of the trail is near the road. One of the viewpoints was a plastic covered landfill. So, probably a hike we won't repeat.

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  1. I hiked this a few years ago when the facility was first opened and no, it's not a very exciting nor rewarding hike. However, if you live nearby it is readily accessible open space and you can never have enough of that!