Thursday, April 30, 2015

Marshlands Conservancy, Rye, NY

April 30, 2015

Distance: 2.9 milesTime: 51 minutesElevation gain: 231 feet

Map: Walkable Westchester

Parking: 220 Boston Post Road, Rye, NY

Restrooms: Maybe in Nature Center, but it was closed


Misc Trails - but basically the wooded trails, then the meadow trails

I found the best map in Walkable Westchester. The trails are not marked, but the park is not huge, so it isn't too bad, and is relatively easy to navigate with a map. This is normally a hike I wouldn't try - it doesn't allow dogs, and there aren't that many miles of trails. But its close to my work, and I was looking to get a 2 mile walk in. 

I loved this place! I only saw a few people walking, and it was very peaceful. There is a wooded trail section and then a meadow trail section. The wooded trails are to the left of the nature center, and the meadow trails to the right. Both go to the marsh on the ocean. What I loved about this hike was the wildlife. Very shortly after entering the woods, I saw around 8 turkeys on the trail. Not the scrawny turkeys we see in our yard sometimes, but large beautiful turkeys, some spreading their tail feathers. I've never seen a turkey do that, and it was beautiful. I couldn't get close enough to take a closeup photo. I had to walk towards them which scared them off the trail. Next, by the ocean there were many shore birds. I made my way back to the nature center and then did the meadow trail. The meadow was full of deer - maybe 30. And a few turkeys. One of the deer was standing on its hind legs eating a tree. For a while a baby dear trotted parallel to me. And again, more shorebirds by the ocean. 

The marsh

Meadow trail with deer in front off me

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