Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wengen - Mannlichen - Mannlichengulp - Kleine Scheidegg, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

July 12, 2014

Miles: 8.5
Time:  ?

Year to date miles:  253.1

How to get there:
We were staying in Wengen. From our hotel we headed towards the cable car station in Wengen. From what I remember, you start to see signs for Mannlichen there.

Hike directions:
Wengen - Mannlichen - Mannlichengulp - Kleine Scheidegg
Return via train from Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen (optionally you can walk this).

Map: The hiking map that can be picked up at railway stations is usually sufficient.

Hike description:
The hike up to Mannlichen is physically challenging. It is steep. We did see someone jogging up it! I wish I could be that fit! Glen had vertigo on the hike up to Mannlichen. I didn't find it dangerous at all, but he had a lot of trouble. Most people take the cable car between Wengen and Mannlichen. We've done this before, but figured this time we'd hike it.

Morning hotel view - stunning!

Cable car station in Mannlichen (the easy way up, which we didn't take)

Following the signs to Mannlichen

We love Switzerland for views like this

One type of avalanche guard

Another type of avalanche guard

This is the steep area where Glen had vertigo


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