Saturday, July 26, 2014

NY Appalachian Trail - Section 3 - Route 55 to Dover Oak

July 26, 2014

Miles: 9.9
Time:  5 hours 5 minutes  (includes swimming)

Year to date miles:  280.9

Parking: Small parking lot off Route 55. Room for around 3-4 cars.

Rest rooms: None

Hike directions:
Take blue trail from parking lot.
Turn left on AT.
Pass Nuclear Lake.
Pass Telephone Pioneers Shelter.
Arrive at Route 20 (Dover Oak)
Retrace steps.

Map: Appalachian Trail Conservancy New York / New Jersey Appalachian Trail Guide and Maps

Hike description: We found lots of raspberries, ripe for the picking on the short side trail to the AT. Today's hike had pretty nice terrain. At times we could zip along. This made a 10 mile hike not too strenuous. The most elevation gain/loss was at the mid-way point. The rest of the hike was pretty easy. We saw very few backpackers today. I'm thinking through hiker season is about over in NY. We did see a lot of non-through hikers though. The weather was humid, but cloudy.

The hike passes Nuclear Lake, the site of a nuclear accident in the 1970's. Everything I read has assured that the site has been cleaned up, and is safe for un-restricted use (people swim & fish there). I was hesitant, but decided to let the dogs go for a swim on the way back. It is a pretty lake. The dogs are not glowing yet!

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