Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First - Grosse Scheidegg, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

July 8, 2014

Miles: 1.5 (walking in Grindelwald between cable car stations) + 3.5 mile hike

Year to date miles:  227.2

How to get there from Wengen: Walk into town to the cable car station. Take cable car from Wengen to Mannlichen. I can't remember the remaining directions - but I believe we took 3 cable cars to get to First. It was the scenic route....lol
How to get back: We took a bus from Grosse Scheidegg (bus stop right next to the restaurant).

Rest rooms: Restaurant at Grosse Scheidegg

Hike description: We had rainy weather when we left Wengen. We boarded the cable car in Wengen, and as we ascended we saw sleet and snow falling. We looked at each other - what are we doing? 

We had to walk to get another cable car to First. I remember it being a little confusing to get between the stations. 

The hike from First to Grosse Scheidegg - cold, very windy, sleeting. We both had freezing hands - our gloves weren't waterproof. Not many people out hiking today!

There is a restaurant in Grosse Scheidegg. We stopped in to get something warm. Glen found out that we could take a bus back rather than continue our hike. He was sold! The buses don't run frequently, so we had to be sure not to miss it. We stood outside the restaurant, and the bus drove by - Glen started chasing after it, trying to wave the bus down. It was kind of funny. The bus was just going past the stop to turn around....lol. The bus driver was amused. We had a warm dry bus ride back - I can't remember where the bus took us, but at that point Glen was happy to get on any bus! 

Wengen - you can see the cable car cables going up into the clouds

Dressed for a rainy day hike

Stopped inside a cable car station room to put on more layers

Second cable car

Grindelwald cable car station - where we board a cable car to First

First Flieger closed today - we did that last time we visited 

No view today

First - where we start our hike to Grosse Scheidegg

Would love to have hiked up here if the weather was better

Hmm.....does that say Grosse Scheidegg?

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