Thursday, August 22, 2013

Iceland - Skógafoss

August 10, 2013

Distance:  5 miles
Time: ?
Year to date miles: 215.5

Driving directions: Route 1, west of Vik. You can see the waterfall from the ring road.

Map: driving map of Iceland. No hiking map needed.

Parking:  Large parking area, right off of Route 1

More info: Skogafoss

Restrooms: They had a couple of tiny ones. Trail was difficult, but possible to use. No shrubs, just had to try to find a hill to go around. 

Driving directions: Continue from Seljalandsfoss, heading towards Vik. You can see the waterfall from the ring road. Can't miss it.

Parking: Plenty of parking off of the ring road.

Hike directions: This is a walk, followed by a hike. This is a famous waterfall, which apparently doesn't have a pool beneath it. It is wide and tall. After visiting the bottom of the waterfall, to the right of the waterfall is a set of steps (428 - I counted), to climb to the top for a different view.
Beyond that, you can cross over a stile, and keep hiking, following a trail that parallels the river. We just stayed on the trail that is next to the river, no real danger of getting lost.
Site of the 2010 eruption which disrupted air travel between North America and Europe.

The volcano is hidden by clouds.

Love this! Shed in lava.

At Skogafoss, we set up our stove next to the river to have lunch before our hike. We were watched....

Heading to the falls

The steps to the top of the falls. Good workout!

View from the top

Passing a stile at the top, the start of the trail

After which we saw waterfall after waterfall...

A common, bizarre landscape in Iceland - moss covered lava field

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